Wellingborough Council Contact Number: 01933 229 777

You should phone the Borough Council of Wellingborough on their general enquiries contact number 01933 229 777 for information about their opening hours, bin collection dates, applications for planning permission or council tax reductions.


General Enquiries: 01933 229 777

Call the Borough Council of Wellingborough general enquiries contact number 01933 229 777 for a range of queries, whether you would like to report vandalism, fly-tipping or even discuss childcare opportunities in your local area. Parents should also use this number to enquire about how to enroll their child in a local Wellingborough school after discussing both the primary and secondary schools in their catchment areas. You can also call this number to ask for the date of your bin collection and recycling day. Alternatively, Wellingborough Council can help callers who would like updates on the status of a planning permission or licence application.


Benefits Enquiries – 01933 231 692

You can also call the Wellingborough Council on their benefits enquiries number 01933 231 692 for information about your eligibility for any welfare benefits as a resident of the borough. For instance, you can enquire about application process for Universal Credit, a new benefit that has replaced many older forms of welfare in the country, such as housing benefit or working tax credits.


Council Tax Enquiries – 01933 231 690

Alternatively, you can contact Wellingborough Council on their council tax enquiries number 01933 231 690 to set up a direct debit to the local authority over the phone. You may wish to check your council tax band prior to moving to the area or to ask whether you qualify for tax reduction as a resident who is living alone. However, if you live in a student house-share where each resident is in full-time education then you can ask the council for a tax exemption form to take to your university.


Council Call Costs

The Borough Council of Wellingborough uses a local phone number that will only charge callers the same per-minute rate for any geographic call made from a UK mobile or landline. However, you may be able to contact a representative from the council for free if your landline deal has free local calls or if you using any inclusive free minutes in your mobile tariff.


Council Phone Numbers and Emails

Council Department UK Phone Number Email Address
General Enquiries 01933 229 777 generalenquiries@wellingborough.gov.uk
Benefits 01933 231 692 benefits@wellingborough.gov.uk
Council Tax 01933 231 690 counciltax@wellingborough.gov.uk
Planning 01933 231 902 planning@wellingborough.gov.uk
Housing options 01933 229 777 housingoptions@wellingborough.gov.uk


Visit the Council

However, if you would prefer to speak to a representative from the council in person then you should take note of their Wellingborough postal address so that you can attend any booked appointments:

Borough Council of Wellingborough,
Swanspool House,
Doddington Road,
NN8 1BP,
United Kingdom.