Barclays Wellingborough: 0345 734 5345

Contact the Barclays Bank branch in the town of Wellingborough by calling their national phone number 0345 734 5345 to book a mortgage appointment, for opening times and to open a new current.

Barclays is one of the largest banks operating in the United Kingdom and as such they have branches in the majority of towns and cities within the country. The Lincolnshire market town of Wellingborough is no exception thus if you want to contact staff at the Barclays branch you can call their UK phone number 0345 734 5345 where you can apply for a new current account, confirm the sort code of accounts registered to the branch and to speak to an advisor if you are suffering from financial difficulties. You should also call this helpline to manage your loan repayments and to request a business credit account however you will likely have to attend a formal interview at the branch to confirm your edibility. Customers can also phone this helpline to check their opening times however please be aware that they will be closed on bank holidays as well as most Sundays.


Arrange a mortgage appointment at Barclays Wellingborough – 0333 202 7573

Phone the Barclays branch on Wellingborough Market Street by calling their appointment contact number 0333 202 7573 to discuss a mortgage application, to apply for a loan and to restructure your existing debt if you are unable to make your monthly repayments. Similarly if you need a bank manager to sign on documents when applying for a mortgage you can call this helpline to arrange a mutually convenient time.


Barclays Wellingborough telephone numbers

Department Contact number
General enquiries 0345 734 5345
Book a mortgage appointment 0333 202 7573


Barclays Wellinborough branch address

The Barclays Bank branch in Wellingborough is found right in the heart of the town at the following postal address, please note that cheque payments should be paid directly at the desk rather than via the post.

8 Market Street,
NN8 1AT,
United Kingdom.